Garage Door Installation for your North Vancouver Home

For the most part, garages are often seen as a convenient place to park your vehicle and store tools or other miscellaneous valuables. But when it comes to the safekeeping of your belongings, having a reliable and secure garage door is essential. At J.K. Garage Doors, our warranty-covered products aren’t just durable and masterfully created but they’re fade-resistant, won’t corrode and are made from high-grade Canadian steel panels. We also sell garage door openers for home owners who wish to add convenience to their garage access.

For more information on any of our products or to get a free quote on a garage door installation, give us a call! Although our shop is based out of Vancouver, we’re happy to provide service to North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby.

Garage Doors


Perfect for decorative fronts and large garages, RanchCraft doors can easily complement your home’s curb appeal. Finished with an embossed wood grain paneling, these galvanized steel doors are available in 4 different colours and your choice of plain lite, snap-in decorative design or inlaid mutin bar window styles. This long panel design is also available in different 2 insulation ratings and has an Arctic-grade bottom weather seal for energy efficiency.

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If you have a traditional or heritage-style home, the CarriageCraft line will fit flawlessly with your home’s timeless exterior. Complete with custom hinges and handles, the carriage house panel design comes with galvanized steel doors. Embossed with wood grain paneling, CarriageCraft doors are also available in 4 different colours and many window styles.

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Going for a contemporary or minimalist design? Flush doors offer you the flexibility that comes with a clean look to achieve the design you’re looking for. Flush doors come in 3 colours with a factory-applied, two-coat polyester paint finish. However, you also have the ability to paint Flush doors to complement the exterior colour scheme of your home. All that’s left to do is choosing from the variety of styles and colours of glass or ThermoPane windows to complete the look!

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ThermoCraft Residential Garage Doors T-12 and T-16

If you’re looking for unparalleled durability and energy-efficiency, look no further than the ThermoCraft T-12 and T-16 doors. Available in 2 insulation ratings, ThermoCraft doors are ideal for preserving warmth while keeping the cold out. With many window styles and 5 colours to choose from, these galvanized steel doors with an embossed paneling can be customized to your liking.

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With finishing colours like a rich walnut wood grain or a distinctive matte charcoal colour to choose from, Elite doors seamlessly blend form, function and sophistication into one product. The Elite line also has the highest insulation rating out of any of our products to allow for the highest energy efficiency.

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The Esteem line is where innovation meets modern design. These highly customizable aluminum garage doors have quickly become a go-to product for architects and designers looking to add a one of a kind touch to a home. Esteem doors operate with ease and minimal noise while the wide variety of colours for window tints and frames makes distinction easy to achieve.

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LiftMaster® Door Openers


When power, dependability and performance come together, the Contractor series can effortlessly surpass the everyday demands you have for your garage.

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Look no further than the Premium series if you need an opener to excel in performance, security and connectivity.

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Complete with smartphone control, battery backup and advanced security features, the Elite line will give you the peace of mind that only safety and security can.

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